ProSport Chiropractic

ProSport Chiropractic provides "state of the art" continuing education, thus enabling our participating chiropractic doctors to provide the most consistent and highest quality of chiropractic healthcare for both in-office patients and for contestants on site at supporting events nationwide.
With ProSport Chiropractic continuing education seminars, you will find the material fresh, informative, enlightening and practicable. We know you have a choice for continuing education hours, so, we make sure the subject matter will be useful for both working in the outdoor arena as well as in your office on Monday.
ProSport Chiropractic takes pride in making sure that our educational speakers are top notch and respected in their field. You will be exposed to some of the most advanced information available to our profession. We want you to be on the edge of your seat wanting more information as well as up and participating in our “Hands-On” portion of each seminar.
ProSport Chiropractic is a leader in Chiropractic Sports Education and we look forward to you joining us!
ProSport Chiropractic (PSC) is a nationwide network of highly skilled Chiropractic Doctors who provide "on site" treatment and support for professional athletes. Originally developed and organized by Dr. Edward Corley in 1992 as Wrangler SportsChiropractic, we started with coverage of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). Currently, ProSport Chiropractic doctors can be seen in arenas, stadiums, and event centers across the country tending to athletes and assisting with other doctors.
While setting a standard of excellence, ProSport Chiropractic emphasizes consistency. ProSport Chiropractic doctors are consistent in their quality of care and depth of skills across the nation. An athlete cared for at different venues within our national coverage encounters seamless quality. As part of our dedication to excellence, ProSport Chiropractic doctors yearly must complete ProSport guided continuing education focused on the latest advances in healthcare. Our excellence thrives on Chiropractic doctors who are well-educated and passionate about staying current with sports chiropractic research.

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